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In March and April 2022, AMCIS and the Girls’ Schools Association ran a series of three FREE webinars to help schools become more inclusive in their admissions events and activities. The webinars were delivered by the co-founders of the Schools Inclusion Alliance, Helen Semple and Claire Harvey MBE, with a number guest panellists kindly sharing their experiences.

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Inclusive Admissions #1: Marketing
How to execute inclusive pupil recruitment campaigns and promotional materials
Did you know your school could be missing out on applications simply because your marketing isn’t as inclusive as it could be? This FREE webinar will consider how to run inclusive pupil recruitment campaigns and ensure that your prospectus, other promotional materials, and your choice of advertising media don’t inadvertently exclude, or fail to reach, certain audiences. With expert voices, practical tips and real stories.
WATCH THE RECORDING (password “Inclusive”)

Inclusive Admissions #2: Events
How to organise inclusive open days, tours and interview/exam days
It’s all too easy to accidentally make someone feel your school is not for them if you fail to find out or consider your visitors’ needs. This FREE webinar will show you how to organise inclusive open days, tours etc that are welcoming to all by ascertaining and meeting the needs of everyone. With expert voices, practical tips, and real stories.
WATCH THE RECORDING (password “Inclusive2”)

Inclusive Admissions #3: Forms & Processes
How to design inclusive forms and admissions processes
Discover how to design forms and entire processes that meet the needs of every applicant. This FREE webinar will cover online registrations and applications, prospectus requests, telephone enquiries, guidelines for receptionists, useful information to give to parents/pupils, and how to audit your admissions process with an inclusive mindset. With expert voices, practical tips, and real stories.
WATCH THE RECORDING (password “Inclusive3”)

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How can UK independent schools support refugee children?

Our FREE 60-minute webinar on 29 June 2022 considered how UK independent schools can welcome and support refugee children, from the initial admissions process to supporting children and their families once they have joined the school and also helping refugee children in other ways.

Free Commons image of refugees walking across a map of the world

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