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The Benefits of a School Blog

A school blog is one of the most effective inbound marketing tools you can have. It provides a platform to share information and advice with everyone connected to your school, as well as the general public. Having a school blog can also help to showcase your core values and educational expertise to prospective families.

The content on your school website should provide helpful information about your school; however your blog is a place where you can really establish yourself as an expert and share what makes your school so special.

There are many topics you can cover on a school blog, from your school’s history to tips on what to do in the school holidays. Your school blog can provide value to students, parents and even other schools. For example, if you have used a new teaching method or been on an interesting school trip, your learnings could help other teachers in training, or other schools who are looking for inspiration.

Writing blogs regularly for your school website will help to keep your content up to date and relevant. By regularly creating new content on your blog, your website will be gaining the trust of search engines like Google. This will improve your SEO, which means more traffic to your website. Furthermore, websites with a blog receive 67% more leads than those that don’t.

School blogs can be a great way to encourage students to get involved and build on their writing skills. Plus, once their articles are published online, proud family members will want to share them, giving your school website extra reach via social media.

This brings us onto another great benefit of having a school blog; the social media value.

If your blog content is helpful and provides value to others, your readers will want to share it. This is why it is crucial to include social media sharing buttons on your blog in order to widen your message and reach more people.

So as you can see blogging has numerous benefits, including increased website traffic and leads.

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