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Shortlist revealed for 2023 AMCIS IMPACT Awards

AMCIS has revealed the shortlisted schools in each of seven categories in the 2023 AMCIS IMPACT Awards – admissions, branding, communications, digital, EDI (equity, diversity & inclusion), small budget, and strategic marketing.

Now in their fourth year, the IMPACT Awards are designed to recognise excellence in admissions, marketing and communications in independent schools and are open to all 520+ AMCIS member schools. The winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony during the AMCIS Annual Conference in May.

AMCIS CEO, Tory Gllingham, said:
“These awards acknowledge the professional development and practice of AMCIS members, and the positive impact of well-executed admissions, marketing and communications in helping schools to thrive. It’s been a difficult task to shortlist from what has been a very strong field of entries, and I’m sure the judges are going to find selecting the winners particularly challenging.”

The shortlisted schools are:

Multi-coloured stars shining downwards


Greenfield School
Forward thinking and person-centred admissions: Developing an admissions journey that is both effective and reflective of the Greenfield ethos
The judges said: “This initiative shows the importance of re-designing an admissions process to ensure the highest level of customer service. By considering the needs of the parents and children the school generated positive word of mouth and the school roll increased as a result.”

Kingston Grammar School
KGS – Your Journey Starts Here
The judges said:
“This is a great example of a school who realised the need to nurture applicants to ensure maximum conversion. The programme was innovative and built on the schools’ strengths and clearly made families feel part of the community leading to increased offers.”

Merchant Taylor’s School, Crosby
Merchant Taylors’ School – Schools Liaison Programme

The judges said: “This programme delivered on all levels through a myriad of activies which were designed to position the school in the minds of parents who may not considered independent education. This widened access and provided significant recruitment benefits also.”

Pangbourne College
Overhauling the Year 7 Admissions Process
The judges said:
“Re-timing the Year 7 admissions cycle and introducing new events formats delivered significant benefits in terms of keeping applicants warm and increasing the likelihood of offer acceptance.”

Woldingham School
Full acceptance of Drama Scholarships in 2022
The judges said: “A new performing arts programme which focused on leveraging the school’s impressive assets alongside a process which had talent recognition at its heart, delivered on converting offers to acceptances.”


Kingston Grammar School
The judges said: “Using innovative imagery and a multi-channel campaign changed the perception of the Sixth Form. With student profiles and the added value that sixth form can contain this initiative truly delivered on objectives.”

Silcoates School
Discover your Silcoates Self at Silcoates School

The judges said: This rebranding project has developed a clear positioning and personality for the school. By following the results from internal dialogue, a brand has developed which reflects the school both visually and across traditional print and digital media channels. The results are impressive and have really put the school on the map as well as the minds of target parents.”

St Margaret’s School, Bushey
St Margaret’s School: A place for the open-minded and warm-hearted
The judges said: “This rebrand has changed the fortunes of the school which is now thriving thanks in part to this innovative approach which showcased the softer points of the school, as well as emphasising the need to know each pupil by name. The articulation of the artwork, messaging and the subsequent video is impressive.”

St Michael’s Prep School
Follow our journey – new illustrated prospectus and branding
The judges said: “The prospectus design truly encapsulates what a prep school prospectus should be. Choosing a school at a young age is difficult, but this prospectus brings the family together and has certainly delivered on recruitment objectives.”

The Portsmouth Grammar School
FROM EXPERIENCE TO INSPIRING – how The Portsmouth Grammar School rebranded and saw open event attendance rocket by 72%
The judges said: A new brand and website created a concept which was adaptable across the different stages of the school and across all marketing channels. The results were impressive, particularly in the junior school area.”


Benenden School
Launching Benenden’s Centenary Buildings
The judges said: “This campaign was multi-faceted and delivered benefits across the board. It was well executed and achieved national coverage as well as commercial and positioning objectives.”

City of London Freemen’s School
Updating the structure at City of London Freemen’s School
The judges said: “This campaign achieved the desired objectives when positioning a sensitive and historic change. All communication facets were well implemented and effective.”

Oakham School
Celebrating 50 Years of Co-education

The judges said: “This campaign delivered benefits across the curriculum leading to more positive gender integration in sport and an investigation to explore inequality in the 1800s.”

Strathallan School
Dear Younger Me
The judges said: “This campaign changed the way bursary fundraising is communicated by focusing on the child and not a donor. All aspects of it are inspiring and it is a pioneering approach.”

Woldingham School
Woldingham celebrates its 180th anniversary as one of the oldest schools for girls in UK
The judges said: “This campaign had wide reaching benefits for the entire school community. Not only was the fundraising outcome impressive, the campaign delivered in terms of recruitment of new pupils too.”


Durham School
Not for girls?! Durham School IS #ForGirls!
The judges said: “A well-executed campaign, with strong imagery which has had a wide-reaching impact on a number of marketing and recruitment objectives.”

Kingston Grammar School
It’s Great To Be AT KGS
The judges said: “This campaign put students and values at the heart and was articulated in a strong and eye- catching way.”

Mount St Mary’s College
The Three Second Rule – Entering Ecommerce
The judges said: “A modern and inspiring website built in-house delivered significant benefits for recruitment by focusing on retaining the interest and focus of consumers.”

Radley College
My Radley – Celebrating People

The judges said: “This campaign centred around the need to ‘soften’ the brand of the school and used human emotion and stories to reconnect alumni with the school as well as generating new enquiries. A unique approach which put video at its heart.

St Michael’s Prep School
Video marketing at St Michael’s Prep School
The judges said: “Video has transformed the way in which the school is being marketed to prospective audiences and it is delivering on recruitment and positioning objectives.”


ACS International School, Egham
Embedding a DEI Council at ACS Egham
The judges said: “The sheer scale of initiatives undertaken since founding the DEI Council, and the manner in which they have engaged the school community, dovetailing with pre-existing groups and committees, and with ongoing future plans, is impressive.”

Bedales School
Understanding and supporting the plight of refugees
The judges said: “The school approached this project in a highly co-ordinated way, working in partnership with local agencies to create multiple whole-school initiatives that developed insight and resulted in life-changing support for Ukrainian and Afghan refugees.”

Bedford Modern School
Inaugural Cultures Fortnight
The judges said: “This was a well-orchestrated and effective multi-channel campaign that engaged the school community and beyond in understanding and celebrating the school’s diversity.”

Eltham College
Every Name Matters Initiative

The judges said: “An insightful initiative, with a well-executed launch campaign, that has embraced diversity, changed school procedures to be more inclusive, educated the school community, and made an ongoing positive impact to the lives of existing and new pupils and their families.”


Crosfields School
The golden ticket
The judges said: “An inspired campaign which delivered on its objective to influence families who were deciding on a school. The campaign celebrates the achievement of the child and added a sense of excitement to the process.”

Heathfield School
Find your happy place – Heathfield Sixth Form
The judges said: “A very effective campaign run with a new platform to ensure it targeted the correct age group. This had significant impact on the number of people engaging with the content.”

Pangbourne College
Driving brand awareness and exceeding objectives through Facebook advertising

The judges said: “Training and planning within the marketing department resulted in a campaign which demonstrated the power of video marketing.”

Stamford School
Discover Stamford at Stamford Schools
The judges said: “Using a budget of £428 to promote events, the impact of strategic digital marketing is clear. Well done.”

Strathallan School
Boarding Passes – Strathallan Prep School
The judges said: “An inspiring campaign which took the benefits of boarding to new audiences with fantastic results.”


Bootham School
Celebrating all round success
The judges said: “An impressive increase in boarding enquiries from target locations, using a multi-faceted campaign.”

High School of Glasgow
Discover the Joy of Learning at The High School of Glasgow

The judges said: “This campaign was designed to drive awareness and registrations for the Junior School and clearly delivered on its objective

Repton School
Rounded, Grounded, Unbounded
The judges said: “An impressive content driven campaign which aimed to communicate the school’s approach to an all-round education. The visual elements are particularly impressive as they represent the holistic nature of Repton’s offering in a vibrant and thought-provoking way.” 

Strathallan School
Game-changing Education
The judges said: “The visual elements were impressive and clearly positioned the school in the minds of target parents across the UK and internationally

The Leys School, Cambridge
Achieving the exceptional at The Leys
The judges said: “A highly effective campaign which was created in house. It harnessed the power of digital marketing and delivered on marketing objectives

Multi-coloured stars shining upwards

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