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“Fundamental shift in mindset” – AMCIS ceo says schools are embracing marketing

There is “the beginnings of a fundamental shift in mindset” in how independent schools view marketing, communications and admissions, says AMCIS ceo Tory Gillingham, just days away from the membership association’s 2024 Annual Conference.

Contemplating the – positive – changing attitudes and practices of schools towards the roles of admissions, marketing and communications over the years, Tory Gillingham says that: “for a growing number of schools, these roles are now firmly established in the fabric of the institution, their influence reaching far beyond the realm of recruitment brochures and social media posts.”

However, she also cautions that there is still some way to go before all school leaders “consider investing in marketing to be an essential part of maintaining their school’s financial viability”.

Tory Gillingham’s article can be read in full in Independent School Management Plus.

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