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Work smarter and improve your customer journey. Automation can streamline the way you communicate with your prospective students/families from initial point of contact through to enrolment… and beyond.

Marketing automation is a powerful software tool that will allow you to hand over many of your manual tasks and communications to computers – letting you focus on the one-to-one calls and ensuring that your emails are personalised and sent at the right time to meet the needs of your customers.

If you are drowning under an ever-growing to-do list, automating tasks and emails can free up valuable time.

Automation is easily one of the most powerful tools available to schools, colleges and universities who want to streamline their efforts in a world of high customer expectations.

Automation in an integrated marketing and CRM platform like HubSpot consists of ‘workflows’, these are like funnels that trigger reactions to certain actions. For example, if a website visitor subscribes to your blog then you could automate an email in response to their action. If that same visitor then clicks a link in your first blog email, they could receive another email (‘we hope you enjoyed reading about ….., you may also find it helpful to read…..’).

We have helped schools to automate some of the busiest moments in the marketing calendar: Open Events, by building workflows focused around the date of an upcoming event. Schools can then easily ensure that everyone who has registered their interest in an event online received=s timely and personalised emails in the run up to the event with more information.

Then following an event, schools can automate follow up emails for attendees depending on whether they attended or not. Sending a ‘next steps’ email to those who came to the open event, and sending those who registered but did not attend ‘sorry you couldn’t make it’. Best of all, when automation is fully integrated with a CRM system, each email can be personalised with names, child details and information like year group on entry’.

It’s not just emails that benefit from an automation overhaul, you can trigger a wide range of reactions to different ‘events’. Here are some examples:

  • Each time someone fills in a form to download a prospectus from your website, they receive an email in response. The system also creates a task for you to give the contact a call in a week to see if there is anything you can do to help.
  • When someone downloads an application form, you receive a task to follow up with a phone call if you have not received an application within 10 days.
  • When a contact in your CRM visits a certain page of your website, a contact property such as ‘potentially interested in a scholarship’ could be updated. Then when it is time to speak to the contact, you have a clear picture of who they are and what you can offer them.
  • If a prospect’s data is updated – by a member of staff, or by the contact themselves using a web form. For example, ‘year of entry’ is changed to ‘2020-21’ then automatically add this contact to the ‘2020-21 enquiries’ list. This is a super easy way to manage your enquiries!

The possibilities with automation are endless and the examples above are just a glimpse into the capabilities of workflows in HubSpot

Automation = more time freed up for your team, more efficient communications, smoother customer journey process and admissions journey = happy customers and more enrolments

Want to find out more about automation and how HubSpot can support your schools’ recruitment targets?

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Written by Gemma Price, Founder and Education Growth Consultant, HubGem Marketing

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