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AMCIS Impact Awards – how is your submission coming along?

If you are looking for a little inspiration, read Brentwood School’s example submission for the Partnership/Outreach category of the new AMCIS IMPACT Awards kindly provided by their Director of Communications, Admissions & Development and AMCIS Vice-Chair, Oli Adams …

Entry Title

Oxbridge Preparation


Helen Oftroy was a Sixth Form student at Brentwood Heights Academy, a local state school, Her tutor Mr Guy Verment, teaches Politics and Society, and takes his A Level Politics students to Brentwood School each Monday after school to attend their debating society lecture. Helen was incidentally one of these students, and was very taken by a lecture by famous classicist Dame Mary Beard. Helen had ambitions to study Classics at the University of Oxford, but there wasn’t a Classics programme at Brentwood Heights, so she thought this wouldn’t be possible. She spoke to her tutor about how she could still reach this goal. 

Mr Verment approached Brentwood School’s Debating Society coordinator about Helen’s dream, and she said she would talk to the Headmaster and the Head of Classics about it. After a couple of meetings, it was decided that Brentwood School would offer up one of its Classics teachers to go to Brentwood Heights once a week to teach a group of pupils who would take this as a fourth A Level. There were four such pupils in these weekly sessions. The Headmaster was talking about this to the Headteacher of Brentwood Heights at a local Chamber of Commerce event, and the subject of Oxford came up. The Headmaster attended Oxford himself and was keen to help Helen in any way he could. He suggested that Helen attended their after-school Oxbridge preparation sessions.

After attending several sessions, Helen felt she was ready to apply to her preferred college at the University of Oxford, and she received a letter to invite her to interview.  The Headmaster at Brentwood School gave her several interview practice sessions, until the interview itself, which went very well, and resulted in the College requiring her to get an A in A Level Classics. She eventually managed an A*, and is now studying at the College. 

Through taking advantage of three Outreach projects by Brentwood School (Offering debating society lectures; Classics teaching; and Oxbridge tuition), this student has achieved her goal. This wouldn’t have been possible without the school’s commitment to public benefit and the dedication of its teachers.

Supporting Material


  • News story detailing Outreach partnership with Brentwood Heights Academy
  • Thank you letter from Headteacher of Brentwood Heights Academy
  • 1- minute video by Helen from College in Oxford showing her appreciation and saying it wouldn’t have been possible without the partnership.

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