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AMCIS & GSA launch FREE inclusive admissions webinars for schools

Two of the largest membership organisations in the independent school sector have announced a series of inclusive admissions webinars to help schools finesse their admissions marketing, events, forms and procedures so that all children and their families feel welcome.

AMCIS – the association for Admissions, Marketing and Communications in Independent Schools – and the Girls’ Schools Association (‘GSA’) have teamed up to offer three online events completely FREE of charge to all those working in admissions-related marketing and events as well as registrars managing the entire admissions process.

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The 60-minute webinars will be presented by the Schools Inclusion Alliance and will include expert voices, practical tips, real stories, and helpful handouts. With plenty of nuts-and-bolts advice from people with lived experience, the first will focus on admissions marketing, the second on admissions events, and the third on admissions forms and procedures.

Tory Gillingham, ceo of AMCIS, said:
“Schools want everyone to feel welcome but it’s sadly all too easy to leave prospective pupils and their families feeling quite the opposite if you make assumptions, fail to reach certain audiences, or don’t stop to consider their needs. We know that schools have made great strides in this area, but there’s nothing like talking to the experts to really sharpen your thinking. That’s why we’re delighted that Claire Harvey from the Schools Inclusion Alliance has agreed to co-ordinate and present these webinars.”

Donna Stevens, ceo of GSA, said:
“GSA has always been an advocate for inclusion and has a wide variety of schools to suit every prospective pupil and family, from every background. We want everyone to feel welcome. This inspiring webinar series is expertly hosted and gives school marketers the insight, advice, and practical tools they need to create an inclusive admissions process. Our aim is to always invite every pupil in to enjoy a transformative education.”

The events are:

Inclusive Admissions Webinar #1:  Marketing
Tuesday 15 March 2022:  10.30am
How to execute inclusive pupil recruitment campaigns and promotional materials

Inclusive Admissions Webinar #2:  Events
Tuesday 22 March 2022:  10.30am
How to organise inclusive open days, tours and interview / exam days

Inclusive Admissions Webinar #3:  Forms & Processes
Tuesday 26 April 2022:  2pm
How to design inclusive forms and admissions processes

Although these events are free, to be sure of a place all those interested must book in advance through the AMCIS website at or the GSA website at


January 2022

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