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New to Sector

This booklet, which is free of charge for staff in member schools, has been created due to feedback from members joining the sector from a commercial background. The Independent Schools sector is very niche and there is no other like it. The acronyms, Associations and even vocabulary are second nature to those in the sector, but confusing to those joining from outside.

The AMCIS New to Sector booklet will act as a handy reference guide and includes:-

  • Understanding the sector (acronyms/associations/key suppliers explained)
  • Useful resources (sector publications/press contacts/key directories)
  • Understanding key stakeholders:
    • Parents (satisfaction surveys/focus groups/internal communications)
    • Governors (different examples of governor reports/make up of bodies/councils)
    • Staff (engaging with the common room/understanding timetables/crunch points/roles of key positions)
    • Pupils (how to usefully engage with them)
  • Key dates in the recruitment cycle (entrance exams/open days/acceptance deadlines)
  • Bursaries and scholarships
  • Understanding charitable status and public benefit
  • Understanding the international market

Please contact Lucy Mason, Membership Services & Finance Officer at AMCIS, with your details and we will send a copy out to you –