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Mystery Shopper

The AMCIS Mystery shop aims to give the school an insight into how their admissions process is currently working. The information gained is very much factual, the emphasis being on the school then using the information to make changes as they see fit. It is not marketing consultancy advice. Often the changes that are needed are very simple and it is the benefit of an external pair of eyes that makes the process so worthwhile.

The visit to a school is the single most important factor for parents when choosing a school. It is therefore vital that this process is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis and the best way to do this is through a mystery shop.

Who Are Our Mystery Shoppers?

All our mystery shoppers have been carefully vetted and trained by AMCIS and provide a completely confidential service. They have either attended, worked in, or sent their child to an independent school. This ensures that those shopping understand the sector. We ask our shoppers to use their own children as the prospective pupils. This is in order to make the shop as authentic as possible. It also enables the shoppers to engage with the Head in relation to a real life scenario, thus making the experience realistic and the feedback of more use to the school.

The Mystery Shopping Process

The AMCIS mystery shop has five key components detailed below:

  • Initial consultation about your school and any specific requirements
  • Website research of the school
  • Phone call to request a visit and prospectus and completion of questionnaire
  • Visit to the school and completion of questionnaire
  • Post visit questionnaire

“Thank you so much for completing our mystery shop. The information was invaluable – it’s amazing to see it through the eyes of an outsider. We’ve already implemented some changes based on the report and I feel sure this will help with our conversion rate.”