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Communications within AMCIS membership is at the core of the administration of the association.

AMCIS has put in place a wide range of communication channels and platforms that are designed to ensure that all AMCIS members are not only kept up to date with forthcoming events, training programmes and additions to the resource area of our website but also have the opportunity to communicate with each other and share their own experiences and knowledge.

Individual and member-to-member communications

Whatever stage you are at in your schools marketing career, questions and queries are bound to occur in your day to day working school life. AMCIS offers a range of services designed to help you with those individual queries.


Always available at the end of the phone and emails, Tory Gillingham, AMCIS CEO, is very happy to speak to any AMCIS member and will answer any individual query or question that you may have or alternatively be able to connect you with another AMCIS member with expert knowledge and experience to help you.


Networking opportunities are built into all AMCIS events, allowing delegates attending to discuss issues and ideas individually or in smaller groups and specific networking lunches are held throughout the year in different locations across the country.

Communications within the AMCIS membership

AMCIS website updates and events

The latest website updates and events are posted on the AMCIS website.

AMCIS LinkedIn Group and Company Page

The AMCIS LinkedIn Group offers a lively forum where a variety of discussions take place amongst AMCIS members. If you wish to join the AMCIS LinkedIn group, please visit the page here and request to join. You can also join our Company page here.

AMCIS Facebook Page

The AMCIS Facebook page is a great platform to ask questions and to look for inspiration from your counterparts in other schools. Ask to join here.

E-news bulletins

E-news bulletins are sent out to AMCIS members throughout the term. They contain updates on upcoming seminars, conferences, regional events and recently added resources to the AMCIS website. If you or anybody else at your school wishes to be added to our mailing list please let us know.


Follow @AMCISNews for all the latest news and updates from AMCIS.


Keep up to date with AMCIS news with push notifications from the AMCIS App.