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Senior Brand Manager


In September 2012, Malvern College opened its first overseas school, Malvern College Qingdao, in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong. This was followed by a second school in Chengdu, south-west China, in 2015. Since then further schools have been opened in Hong Kong, Cairo and Switzerland, and the Malvern College Family of Schools now educates over 3,000 pupils overseas, in addition to 1,000 pupils in the UK. Exciting plans are currently being developed to continue to develop the College’s international portfolio over the next decade.

Much work has been done recently at group level, under the leadership of the College’s Director of Marketing & Admissions, to articulate a new brand strategy and vision for the College and its family of schools, and the College, through its subsidiary Malvern College International, now wishes to recruit a Senior Brand Manager to interpret and articulate the new brand framework for its overseas schools. In addition to this strategic branding work, the role will also involve supporting each of the College’s international partners in developing and rolling out their own marketing strategies, ensuring they are aligned with the overarching brand strategy in place at group level.

The successful candidate will be expected to travel when required to each of the College’s international schools and to work at a senior level with proprietors and other staff across the group.

The role will report to the Director of International Schools on a day to day basis, with a dotted reporting line to the College’s Director of Marketing & Admissions, who will provide functional leadership and oversight of brand and marketing strategy as they pertain to the Malvern group as a whole.

Main Duties, Activities and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with proprietors and senior marketing executives from each international school to articulate and interpret the group brand framework to ensure it is relevant at a local and regional level in each case
  • Support the development of marketing strategies and initiatives for each  international school, ensuring that marketing activity and key outputs (for example
    website, prospectus, and video) are aligned with the group brand framework
  • Develop content and communications that can be re-applied across the Malvern College family of schools and support the co-ordination across the group of
    related marketing communications
  • Work with the digital team in the UK, and across the group, to maximise brand awareness across the international group
  • Support the development and profile-raising of strategic group initiatives such as the Malvern Pathways Professional Development Framework, the Group HR Service and the MCI Academy.
  • Support new business partners in the development of their initial marketing strategy and in the roll-out of marketing activity in both the pre-operational and live stages of new projects
  • Work with the UK Director of Marketing and Admissions, to explore the development of Malvern College International (MCI) as a B2B brand in its own
    right, ensuring an appropriate position in the group hierarchy alongside Malvern College and individual international schools
  • Work with the Director of Education and UK Director of Marketing & Admissions to develop a Marketing & Admissions training programme which can be delivered to M&A staff across the group as part of Malvern Pathways
  • Work with the UK Director of Marketing and Admissions and other relevant colleagues to create a comprehensive Partner Handbook which aids successful on-boarding for new partners joining the Malvern College Family of Schools and which supports the operational development of new projects


  • Liaise closely and regularly with the College’s marketing team, through the UK Director of Marketing & Admissions, to ensure a deep understanding of the College’s ethos and values
  • Visit each international school on a regular basis to ensure strategic alignment on brand and positioning
  • Liaise continuously with relevant MCI school staff to ensure marketing activity and outputs meet with MCI and College requirements
  • Contribute to formal Quality Audit visits (usually taking place annually)
  • Report, when required, to the MCIL Board of Directors and other governance forums within the family of schools

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