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AI Success in Schools Now

In this second event in our series of FREE 60-minute online seminars – AI in Schools – we will consider the impact AI is having right now in schools. From large international projects to small but meaningful activities, we’ll hear about some inspiring AI initiatives you can join or emulate to give your school that cutting edge, in and outside the classroom.

Perfect for school admissions, marketing & external relations directors, plus Heads, deputy heads, and other senior leaders.

Photograph of Asude Altintas, CEO of Twin Science and RoboticsAMCIS logo 'in association with' Marketing Advisers for Schools logoPhotograph of Darren Coxon, founder of Coxon AI
Asude Altintas, Twin Science & Robotics                                                  Darren Coxon, Coxon AI

This series of AMCIS webinars, in association with Marketing Advisers for Schools, explores AI for schools, from the broad view of its impact on society and education, to granular demos.

In our second event, we will hear from:

  • Asude Altintas, CEO and Co-founder of award-winning Twin Science & Robotics (‘Twin’), a learning provider that is making a powerful impact on education, life chances and sustainable communities all over the world, including here in the UK;
  • Darren Coxon, Founder of Coxon AI, an experienced educator who has managed academic and business operations in UK and international school groups;
  • A current independent school admissions/marketing director.

Asude will discuss the impact of AI in learning and in her business, as well as inter-school AI partnerships. Darren will draw on his extensive experience leading AI initiatives on both the academic and management side of schools across the globe.

There will be Q&A opportunities.

ASUDE ALTINTAS – panellist

Asude Altintas, CEO and Co-founder of Twin Science and Robotics

Co-Founder and CEO of Ed-Tech startup Twin Science & Robotics (‘Twin’), Asude Altintas is aspiring to deliver holistic and humanitarian-centred STEM education to children around the world. After attending Stanford’s Social Entrepreneurship Program, Asude started her career at one of Turkey’s leading NGOs, YGA, initiating several high-impact social initiative projects. She was invited to speak at the United Nations to present YGA’s technology-based solutions as best practice examples from around the world. During her 5-year tenure as president, Asude guided YGA through several successful projects earning the NGO several awards including MIT Innovators Under 35, Forbes (2x), and GSMA (2x). Asude led and hosted a successful TV programme for children on CNNTurk to increase interest in STEM fields. She co-founded Twin and is now a growing figure in the Ed-Tech sector and advocate for STEM education, especially for girls in underserved communities. The World Economic Forum selected Twin to be a Tech Pioneer of 2022.

DARREN COXON – panellist

Photograph of Darren Coxon, founder of Coxon AI

Darren Coxon is Founder of CoxonAI, which helps schools to navigate AI in a common sense and practical way. He has been an educator for 25 years. Darren managed academic and business operations in UK and international school groups like Brighton College and Britus Education, Bahrain. He led the first 6th-form college in the UK with iPad 1:1 integration. Darren has delivered AI keynotes and workshops for COBIS, the National College, HMC, GESS Dubai, BSME, GSA, Independent Schools Portal, and the Cottesmore AI Festival. He is Chair of the COBIS ConnectEd working group on AI in Education and works with schools, groups, affiliate bodies and MATs worldwide on practical AI implementation.

AN OTHER – panellist to be announced



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