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Admissions Manager

The Principal of Cardiff Sixth Form College invites applications for the post of Admissions Manager.

This is a new and exciting role, which will provide key management of our admissions department and processes. As the leading academic A Level school in the UK, we attract a large interest from prospective students and their parents from a very wide geographical area, including Wales and the UK and from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. Recent years have seen an increase in the volume of enquiries and applications and the continued prominence of Cardiff Sixth Form College as a provider of excellence has led to the creation of this role to manage all matters related to the admissions process for applicants.

This role will add significantly to our potential to achieve our administrative mission of efficient, supportive, compliant systems which both complement and lead provision. The person will be responsible for managing the day-to-day pupil and student placement within Cardiff Sixth Form College and for guiding prospective pupils, students, families, agents, promoters and guardians through the enquiry and application process.

The Admissions Manager will have excellent communication skills, an attention to detail and a decisive and strategic approach which will maintain and build upon the standards required to ensure that those admitted to the school will be best placed to gain from the experience provided and achieve exceptional levels of excellence.

Please visit our website ( to apply.