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RSAdmissions the product is the market leader in admissions management and marketing reporting and is the only database designed and supported by people who have ‘done the job’.

Over the past 2 decades, with the help of their enthusiastic and loyal customer base, the RSAdmissions team has continued to innovate, providing provable key performance indicators at the touch of a button whilst keeping pace with the customer relationship management tools.  Our Agent and Feeder School management tools are unique, as is our Entrance Examination system.

In recent years we have built a partnership with ITQ (Image Through Quality) another innovative customer focussed company, in order to further enhance our on-line capability including on-line registrations and joiners’ packs and reporting tools such as an on-line dashboard and projected roll reporting.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for support, ask any of our clients about us.  We understand the reporting needs of the sector and happily spend time with clients interpreting their stats and offering advice. Clients vary from small Preps to large all-through day schools and some of these have been with us for 18 years!

We are also responsible for the design and running of the AMCIS Certificate in Admissions Management course which was launched in 2007 and remains the only qualification available for those in recruitment management roles in our sector.

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