Admissions, Marketing & Communications in Independent Schools

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MTM Consulting can help your school to recruit more pupils, retain the ones you already have, and make sure you continue to enjoy success well into the future.

Our education market research, business and marketing strategy skills have been built over 35 years in the independent schools’ sector and enable us to offer specific support to school marketers and admissions professionals to help target and refine their activities to achieve their aims. In fact, we’ve worked with more than 500 schools and researched more than 250,000 parents!

Independent school marketing and admissions professionals turn to MTM time and again because our data research and surveys provide the facts, evidence and insightful recommendations you need to formulate plans of action that will deliver the desired results – our experienced strategists can help with both the planning and the practicalities.

We’re friendly too and happy to discuss your needs with you to make sure our projects are really of benefit – each project is bespoke and can be tailored exactly to suit your requirements. Communication is on-going throughout – our team members are hugely experienced, helpful, approachable and focused on providing you with the information you need to move forward.

If you haven’t conducted any research for a while, MTM3-60 ( is the place the start. It’s the complete demand and supply analysis for your school and shows you where your school is positioned in its market, assesses the strength of the competition, any areas that are ripe for further recruitment and the school’s future potential.

The opinions of your current parents, as well as the parents who didn’t choose your school for their child or who removed their child early, are enormously important in refining your school’s educational offer and its communications to ensure that it meets the expectations of the target market and results in improved recruitment and retention. MTM Parent Satisfaction, MTM Non-Joiners and MTM Early Leavers surveys give you real evidence of parents’ thoughts, which they are usually very happy to share with our experienced and sensitive researchers.

We also offer assistance in drawing up a workable strategic marketing plan, and even help to carry out PR and marketing activities or to set up your team with a few ideas and examples to follow. We can be your press office if you like, identifying news stories and liaising with editors to secure coverage in relevant publication and online to help raise your school’s profile, and we can assist with your newsletters and website content. We can even help write those tricky letters to parents.

MTM is working hard to support independent school admissions teams and has sought out partnerships with some of the best-known names in the sector to make the most of emerging technology to develop new systems.

Admissions data is now held safe and secure in the new Advantage management information system (, which not only makes it easy to record day-to-day information on the admissions pipeline and the families who are moving through it, but also has a built-in analysis tool so you can instantly see the status of any aspect and visualise it as an infographic, ideal for reports and presentations.

If you’re wedded to your current MIS you can enhance it with MTM Admissions Dashboard ( ) – a secure online analysis tool that helps you to keep an eye on the admissions pipeline and drill down into conversion rates at the click of a mouse.

To find out more about MTM and our support for independent school marketing and admissions professionals, please visit our website ( or chat to our friendly team on 01502 722787 or email our Head of Business Development, Daniel Cohen –

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