Admissions, Marketing & Communications in Independent Schools

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As the leading MIS provider to Independent Schools in the UK, iSAMS supports more than 1,300 schools across 90 countries worldwide.

iSAMS offers AMCIS member schools a true end-to-end solution for school management, comprising a cloud-based MIS with fully integrated solutions for admissions, communications, and marketing.

The iSAMS Admissions Cloud Portal provides a dedicated, branded portal for prospective parents to create an account, submit and track enrolment applications and make registration payments.

The portal also greatly reduces the amount of time staff must spend manually entering data into a CRM platform. Once a parent completes an enquiry, the data is written directly into the iSAMS central database, for a completely paperless admissions process.

iSAMS recognises how time-consuming managing applications and registrations can be for Independent school admissions departments. Meet parent’s expectations with an effective and seamless admissions process, thanks to the admissions portal.

You can also integrate our cashless payments solution, iSAMS Payments, directly into your online admissions portal. Benefit from quick fee and deposit payments to reduce arrears and keep applications on track.


Your admissions and marketing departments are key players for sustained school growth. We created this complete marketing guide for Independent schools to support your marketing efforts. Download your free copy here.


If you’re interested in learning more about the iSAMS MIS or our Admissions Portal, request a demo or get in touch here.

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