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Etherton Education

Etherton Education runs pre-sessional residential and online academic summer courses to prepare international students for studying in British boarding schools.  Peter and Anne Etherton founded Etherton Education in 2002 because they know how difficult it is for international students when they first come to the UK.

Etherton Education residential academic summer courses include:

The Junior Academic Course is designed for younger students aged 10-12 years and features lots of activity learning.  This course is for students who want to have a great summer school experience, but also want more than just an ordinary holiday course.  Students spend nine hours a week in English classes, three hours each in Drama and Maths, and 90 minutes each in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Art, ICT and Life Skills.

The Pre-GCSE Course is designed for international students aged 13-15 years, going into Year 9 or 10 at a British boarding school.  Students spend nine hours a week in English lessons and also study ten other subjects: Drama, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT / Computing, Art, History, Geography and Business Studies.

The Pre-A-Level / Pre-IB Course is designed for international students aged 15-17 years.  English and Drama are compulsory subjects with students spending ten hours a week in English lessons.  Students are then able to choose between three and five other subjects from a choice of: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT / Computing, Art and Design, History, Psychology, Geography and Business Studies / Economics.  We also offer additional evening workshops in Further Maths and Theory of Knowledge.

Alongside the academic study, students enjoy a full programme of extra-curricular activities.  Sport is played for an hour each teaching day where we introduce sports played at British schools.  We have evening social activities and Sunday clubs to help students relax, while still practicing their English in a social environment.  Each course has one full day trip a week, with the Junior Academic Course also having an additional half day trip.

Etherton Education online academic summer courses include:

Preparation for British Boarding – Pre-GCSE Course – 13-15 years.

Students will follow a set timetable, including intensive English Language, and the main GCSE subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, History and Geography. 

 Preparation for British Boarding – Pre-A-Level /Pre IB Course – 15-17 years. 

Students will follow an individual timetable, including intensive English Language, and choose three of the following subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies and Economics, History and Geography.

The online courses are suitable for students who will be joining British schools in the future, or who are interested in learning about British education.  All lessons will be live with a maximum of eight students per class.

In addition to the academic subjects, students will have boarding preparation sessions each week run by our Student Hosts.  These conversation sessions will include topics about the British education systems, life in a boarding house, the importance of extra curricular activities and many more.  The Saturday sessions will be fun online sessions including Drama, Art, Exercise, Meditation and Virtual Visits to the UK.

All of our summer courses are designed to give students the confidence to speak English both in social situations and in the classroom.  We teach the grammar and vocabulary needed for students to be able to study at a British school.  The courses provide an excellent bridge to their new education in the UK.

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