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AMCIS Networking Bubble Groups

Our Bubble Groups allow AMCIS school members to connect with each other in the same group, to share ideas and give support to one another.

Participants of each Bubble are carefully selected so that they are not placed together with competitors. Where possible, we try to put members of similar job roles or types of school together.

Bubble Group Meetings are FREE and take place via Zoom at a regular time and on a set day, every half of term (or more frequently if requested). Dates and times are sent to members via email.

Any school member who thinks this support would be useful to them can email to be assigned to a Bubble Group.
NB Members who are already in a Bubble Group don’t need to re-register; they are automatically sent an invitation to join subsequent meetings in the same Bubble Group.

We look forward to welcoming new and old members alike to future Bubble Group Meetings.